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I found this Haiku somewhere and it touched me:

Sitting quietly
Doing nothing
Spring comes
And the grass grows by itself

When I am too uptight to write I take 3 deep (belly breathing) breaths and repeat the verse. Try this. The words are in you and you have to let go and quiet the mind to let them flow through you and on to the page.

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Mind Mapping

In our story circle we discussed the use of a mind map rather than an outline for your story. Here is a video to explain how it helps use your creativity.

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A Writer Needs . . .

Someone to give her a mug of coffee and send her off in the morning like Odysseus and meet her at three and say, “How did it go.” Then maybe even read what she has written.

Ask someone to be there for you. Virginia Woolf has Leonard, George Eliot had George Henry Lewis, and Gertrude Stein had Alice B. Toklas.

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I’m wondering . . .

I’m wondering who will want to read this blog. If you are a writer or person who wants to write you’ll find some interesting stuff here. For example: what should I write about, where should I write, should I use a pen, pencil or my computer? How can I find time to write? What will keep me motivated? These are questions I hear over and over at writers conferences and in my own workshops. We want tips! Tell us what  makes other writers write. Here is your first challenge: make an appointment with yourself, schedule a time and keep it as though it was a meeting with a VIP.  Well if you haven’t already – here is my permission to crown yourself a VIP. In the time you schedule to write, daily or weekly, nothing is more important. Put a do not disturb sign on your door. Light a candle, wrap a silk writing scarf around your neck and write.

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