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Cup of your life

Remember to work with your cup – as metaphor for your creative life. Hold the cup in your hands, remember that the cup is a container, Set the cup down in front of you. Think of metaphors for the cup.
Your creative life is the cup is it: empty, full, overflowing? Is it to be: poured from gently, swallowed in gulps, sipped? If you want the complete exercise that I handed out at the Story Circle: leave a comment on the blog and I’ll send you one., 
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Obituary writing

We had a great time with this assignment. Our Story Circle Co-Facilitator, Sheila McNaughton, gave the assignment at last months gathering. Some of you had fun with it, some agonized over it, and others just said ‘the dog ate my homework’. We heard some really interesting six word quotes for headstones, too. What I like best about this exercise is the opportunity it presents to self-check whether or not we are living up to what we want our lives to be about.

The homework is if you didn’t do it then – do it now. Or bring another piece you have written. You are invited to read up to six hundred words for gentle feedback. Meanwhile – Write ON! Jan

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Using ellipses

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Metaphor | Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little | Gotham Writers’ Workshop

Some of you had more questions on the uses of metaphor. I find this article delightful and informative. Check it out.

Metaphor | Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little | Gotham Writers’ Workshop

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