Hello everyone,

Christmas is one day past, and we have less than a week to look ahead to what we want to accomplish in 2012. As for me, I’m happy for a new fresh slate – 2011 was a difficult year. The death of my son Greg knocked me off my pins, and made all the other trials and tribulations pale.

I’m committed to get back to writing daily and to complete my memoir – An Unfinished Woman.

I also return to my sales career of 30 years but this time I’m selling myself. I’d hoped it would work out by word of mouth but all of us old sales people know you have to pound the pavement, beat the bushes, and eyeball potential customers. I had a dream last night in which my old mentor, Micki Bartges, reminded me of how good I am at that.

Here is my start. I’m asking you to pass the word. I’m up for speaking engagements. Do you belong to an organization that could use an inspiring speaker? I have scheduled new classes and I’m re-awakening the old yankee way of selling, by going to the customer. So I am creating a Home Party Plan.  I had much success in Sarah Coventry and Act II Home Jewelry Party Plan Sales.

Why not gather with friend in your home to write family history and stories about your life? A purposeful life is worth reflecting on, recording, and reviewing through writing about it. Your children, grandchildren, friends, and enemies won’t remember your passions, accomplishments and how hard you tried to live a good life – unless you record your memories.

We’ll do a five week program, two hours each week. You’ll finish with a notebook full of your stories and information on how to put it together in a booklet or on a CD. All at the low cost of $149. per person. In order to reward you for gathering the people in your home – you come FREE. We need at least four people, plus you, to make it interesting.  Cost is less than $30 per week and less than the cost’s to get your hair or nails done. And you’ll leave a legacy! Call me now. 727 535-7816.

Upcoming Public Workshops

OWL (Women’s Legacy Project) a structured 5-week program – $149
January 10, 17, 24, 31 and February 2nd.
Daytime from 9 AM -12:00 PM or Evening 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Choose a morning or evening class.
Dream Workshop – $40
January 26th Morning 9:00 – 11 PM or
                     Evening 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Choose a morning or evening class

Reservations can be made with a $25 deposit, if made before January 5th.

 For either workshop – you host the event in your home and have four guests plus your self –
To reserve call Jan: 727 535-7816 or email jangolden@tampabay.rr.com
Classes held in St Petersburg or Largo. I’ll try to make it central to those attending.

Make this the best New Year ever. It’s up to you.

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