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Waiting & Creating

Waiting at the Largo library
I think of things to write -– they pass through my mind like a summer breeze—unexpected, refreshing, and gone. Now, I write and wonder in which direction they have floated—molecules of creativity. I wish I had a little vacuum to draw them back to re-form into sentence gems or story.
I try not to lust for:
Mountains and their majesty – but I do
For bare skin touching mine – but I do
For a paycheck for time spent writing – but I do
For my doorbell to ring, hands to reach out, these flowers are for you
Because your soul is beautiful
For a firm hand on my back guiding me in a Rumba
For a waterfall under which I’d stand
Laughing and singing – but I do
For money in my pocket for a ticket to hear a symphony
But I do
Now the parking lot fills, a line forms at the library door . . . it lifts my heart to see so many waiting for the doors of learning to swing wide open—to read the words of writers—early on a Monday morning in January.
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 “There’s no time to waste. You need to be merciless with your energy and time and work. After all, there are books to write. And trips to take and people to love.”

Quoted from Lorrie at Poynter Institute. chat with Roy on January 5th

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January 18th Story Circle Assignment

Where do you want to go with your writing in 2012?

It all begins with Purpose. Why are you writing? For healing, for transformation, or for fun? Because you like to write? Because you want to record to remember? For who? Yourself?  Your family? The public? Begin by writing a Purpose Statement.

How much time are you willing to commit to your writing? Once you know the answer it’s time to Set Your Goals.  Will you write every day, 3 days a week, or just for class assignments? Use your purpose statement as a foundation for setting Smart goals.

Sincere – Is it consistent with my purpose?
Measurable – How will I know when it’s complete?
Accessible – Will I review it regularly & make daily choices to support it?
Realistic – Am I willing to commit the resources? (time, energy, money)
Timely – Is this the right tie to have it as a goal?

Goals are tangible, measurable. Write them and bring them on January 18th.

If you don’t know where you are going how are we going to help you get there?

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