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Story Structure

Homework for Safety Harbor and Largo Story Circle: September 2013 “Life is Hard.”

Structure – we are working on story structure

Whether writing a 300, 600, word piece or a book, reduce your story to a one-idea sentence.

Your framework can be for chapters (if book or long story length) or for our purposes of a 600 word piece – just a few sentences for each.

  • Life
  • Is hard
  • Really hard
  • Unless
  • You get
  • A good cat
  • To live with

Now you have the one sentence is the spine on which you’ll build your story.

There are your seven chapters/sentences.To expand it:

Life – who are you

Is hard, really hard – first show us how hard, then show us really hard

Unless – this is where you get to show us alternatives (what you are open to)

You get – this is where you show us all the things you’ve tried in order to make your life better – lose weight, go on vacation, meet a new guy

A good cat – maybe you’ve had good cats or bad cats , show us

To live with – show us living with that one good cat. Maybe there’s a sad ending or a happy one. Or a sad one turned happy. Do you have the courage to try again?

 Now you have the framework for a short or long piece of memoir.

 This exercise is excerpted from – The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith








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