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What are you doing to develop your intuition? I believe it is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it functions. When the phone rings (even in these times of technology, mine rings sometimes). I know who is calling.  I know because I usually have been thinking about the person who calls – even if it has been months or years since we spoke. I still prefer to hear your voice rather than read a text message. Call me old fashioned.

Our topic for the January 15th Story Circle is “Intuition.” In 600 words or less tell us how intuition has worked for you. How does a flash of intuition strike you? A feeling in the gut? A wave of energy? A kick in the butt? It helps you to tune out distractions. If you haven’t been in touch with intuition I invite you to go outside and sit under a tree, or go sit by the water and try to clear your mind of its chatter. Tough job but worth it. Just observe your thoughts and try to find a tiny space between them – no judging, just noticing. That is where you find the inner divine self – different the the one the outside world want to create for you to be. 

We decided its ok to work on your library story (see last post) but we won’t read them in class because Sheila McNaughton and I will be judges, among others, for the Safety Harbor Library Contest.

Please sign up as a follower, leave your comment, and join the conversation. 

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Story Circle “Table Stories”

Hi Writers,

Last reminder to send me your “Table Story”, if you haven’t already done so. Karen Lopez and Dianne Persall are anxiously awaiting their fabulous tasks of putting together our book. So far the design is top secret. Any one who has attended a Story Circle class or workshop is eligible to submit their Table Story to me at –

Check the November 24th post here if you need a reminder about the topic. 

An essay contest is to be announced January 15 by the library, winners to be showcased at the celebration February 20th.

A Library Lovers Month Celebration will be then be held at the Library February 20, at 6:30 pm. This will be a speaking opportunity for the Library Director, Friends of the Library representative, Jan Golden, and the winning writers to share a part of their works. (This is where we can present/sell/or giveaway our book!)

The Library is inviting local author’s to set up tables so they may share their works as this kind of event has been requested by patrons interested in the local authors. It will give our local authors a way to showcase and share their literary accomplishments with our patrons in national library lover’s month. The Friends of the Library might also set up a table with a small selection of especially nice gift books to further their good cause.

I’m excited. Our book will show the Safety Harbor Library how much we appreciate their support of writers over the last 3 years, and how much progress we have made in our writing. 

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Homework for December 2013

Writing Assignment. Pick one or do both!

#1 Write about the best decision you ever made. For our class, if you do not intend to submit your story, limit it to 600 words. If you plan to submit do not go over the maximum of 2000 words. This is the topic of the Ladies Home Journal Personal Essay Contest for 2013. Deadline is Dec 6th. Late notice I know but we did announce it at the November session. Use this link for details on entering the contest.


#2 Everyone has a story about their mom, being a mom or a mom you have known. Write 600 or less if you do not intend to submit your piece. If you plan to submit you can use the guidelines of between 3,000 and 7,500 words.

We look forward to hearing your stories.

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