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I misspelled marriage – hope its not because I’m allergic to the word as well as the process! 

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May Story Circle Writing Assignments

Hello Writers,
Please mark your calendar for May 7, Wed.  Our meeting  will be @ Largo Public Library 6 – 8 pm.
Homework:  “My feet were already numb, I should have listened”  in 600 words or less.
To start a story with this sentence or include the sentence in a story. Or as always try the topic if you really hate it bring something else you have written of 600 words or less – to share
May 21, Wed. Safety Harbor Public Library 6 –  8 pm
Last month we read our “Million Dollar Winnings” stories, interesting, touching, and thoughtful stories came out of that exercise. Then we worked on how to write in scenes. Our homework for May: Tell us about a marraige proposal, one you got. wish you’d gotten or one from someone else’s life, even from a play or movie. As always 600 words or less. 
Happy writing!
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Musings on Life and Memoir Writing

Some interesting thoughts from a variety of places, about memoir writing.

We have just one life to find what makes us happy. What memories do we want to share with generations to come? I will not chain myself to the same office chair or job for the next thirty years. To some that is living but to me it is not. Moving to an island worked for me.

I craved adventure. And to my family’s dismay, the unknown. But to me, the unknown, meant endless possibilities. Seeing the world through bright, optimistic eyes.

I don’t want my life mapped out. I want it to rise and fall with every chance I take.

I have failed as much as I have succeeded. I have hated the universe as much as I have praised it. But at the end of the day, when the sun sets and the moon shines bright, that’s when you reflect. What did I do today that brought a smile to my face and satisfaction to my soul?

I like to wonder – what can I do tomorrow to shine my light brighter?

Ram Dass said: Make friends with change. In older years there is change in your body, change in your memory, change in your friends, family, and change in culture.” He sat there silently for a moment, before he quietly said, “wow.” Then he continued, “You might as well be ready for it. Then comes the big change at death.”

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