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Twelve Wise and Witty Women Gathered

The Safety Harbor Story Circle and Writers Group held on the third Wednesday every month is one of my favorite places. Last evening the stories shared about “Scars” were sad, funny, poignant and beautiful.

Our circle has become a community. We are happy to see each other and share in our lives through story. We missed you if you couldn’t come and hope to see you next month; we have a special assignment, allowing an 800-word piece. The topic is: What is a mistake people often make about you?

We meet, we perceive, we judge, we are sometimes misunderstood and often we misjudge others. Do other people see you as you are? I’ve been reading a book called Take Off Your Mask Change Your Life by Daniel Speraw here is a quote from the book, “With my mask, I keep you focused on the best parts of how I look and what I have done so you will not see that moment of uncertainty, that flash of anger or the mistake I have just made.” He goes on to say, “I work hard to keep your eyes off my balding forehead, my expanding waistline and that recent stain on my pants, As good as I am at it -and I have had a lifetime of practice – we both know that you do see my mistake, my balding and that stain. But thank you for pretending.”

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Classes coming

Upcoming Writing Classes Safety Harbor Public Library:

Creative Writers Group & Story Circle: Wednesday, July 16, 6:00 pm.
This creative writing group, the Story Circle, is dedicated to helping you write your stories. Facilitators Jan Golden and Sheila McNaughton provide lessons, suggestions for topics, and gentle feedback. This group writes, shares, and encourages each other to preserve their life experiences. Bring a 600 word piece about “Scars” to share.

So You Want to Be A Writer: Thursday, July 31, 6:00
This two-hour workshop with Jan Golden will show you the basics, using character, dialogue, and emotion. This workshop includes writing exercises so bring pen and paper to join in the fun.

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Writing idea for July Story Circle

I missed the June Circle I was away at my Writer’s Residency at WildAcre Retreat Center. What an incredible award and time spent in a cabin in the woods with just me and my words! Watch for my upcoming post about it.

Homework from Sheila McNaughton

I spoke to a fellow in Ohio about tattoos.  He has a bumper sticker on his motorcycle that states:  Scars are tattoos with better stories.  In 600 words or less write the story of how you came by your scars. Be sure to describe the scars, including their locations.

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