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Such a huge topic for the October Story Circle! We invite you to write a 600 word piece to bring to group and share. Anything about responsibility – now or then, whether positive or negative. What did it teach you? What are you learning? How do you like or dislike responsibility? I love to break the word down and look at it from this point of view – response – ability. What shades your ability to respond in some circumstances?

Our September gathering was exciting, moving, and poignant. When it ended no one wanted to leave.

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Remembering Someone Who Made a Significant Impact on Your Life

Sheila McNaughton my co-facilitator of the Story Circle Writer’s Group at the Safety Harbor Library was telling me that she’d just run into an old acquaintance at a friend’s wedding; she reminded him about the time, thirty years ago, after a tragedy in her life, his wise and comforting words gave her the courage to go on. He didn’t remember that his words made such a difference to her. We were both reminded of times in our lives where a look, kind words, or a pat on the shoulder is so impactful.

Our assignment for September 17 is to think of someone who has made an impact on you and write them a thank you letter (as always in 600 words or less). They can be dead or alive, you don’t have to mail it, but you may if you wish. Please bring it to share.

To continue this we asked you to sent out a hand written thank you note to someone you are thankful for. Not for a gift, a dinner, or flowers but something they have contributed to your life that had meaning for you.

How wonderful you’d feel if in today’s mail you found such a letter to you!

Story Circle Writer’s Group, Safety Harbor Public Library, 6-8 PM/ Always the third Wednesday of the Month.

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