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New Beginnings

I’m back. I hope you have missed me. This transition from to has me scratching my head, wrinkling my brow and saying HUH?

Enough about that – I am struggling with technology, surrounded by my MacBook Pro, ipod, ipad,and iphone, I find myself clicking when I should be touching, talking when I should be typing, and wondering which remote to use for which gizmo. So I put all my devices aside for a few days and donned my priestess garb to attend a new beginnings/new moon gathering with my crone friends.

My soul sister, Pat Daly put together a beautiful ceremony for New Year’s Eve. We ate, sang, danced, lit a fire and did our usual ceremony. We reflected on these three topics and wrote them down: 1) What am I willing to bless and let go of? 2) What do I wish to enhance and magnify that I already have in my life? 3) What will I manifest for 2015? We gather in a sacred circle, form a bridge with our arms that we then cross, to symbolize action, share what we are willing to share with our sisters, then burn the papers in our sacred fire so the smoke flows up into the universe.

We end the ceremony by writing a letter to ourselves from the divine source: God or Goddess, the Universe, or our Higher Self. The letter is a blessing on what will be bestowed upon us. I found this part especially tender, having saved my letter from last year and read it often, bathing in its love.

I share here my letter for this year and I urge you to write one to yourself.

To My Darling Daughter Janet,

Grace is yours, no need to try to sparkle or shine—just BE.
You are the daughter I have yearned for, the daughter I have created.
Like any mother, I bless you and shower love upon you.
You will feel this every moment when the joy I send rains down on you.

When you pick up your pen or power up your computer—you are ever more aware of the link established to me—your inner divinity. Your job is just to show up at the page.

You’ll feel this grace surround you each morning as you awaken for another new day.

Love, The Goddess

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