Mumblings of an Aging Writer

Sometimes I get so discouraged I can hardly go on. I wonder how other people keep going. I don’t want to fall into self-pity here but come on…

When I woke up my neck hurt and my right hip stung and burned. I had to leap out of bed anyway because I had a Charlie-horse in my right leg. Then I stumbled when my leg gave way (sciatic nerve) as I raced to the john.   Phew.

Mug of coffee in hand I sit to write my morning pages, I’m a page and a half in before my writing hand goes to sleep. I quit to do some stretching.

Now, at my computer I try to print the pages I wrote yesterday for editing. Error message; printer can’t be found. I’d hoped it might heal itself after many unplugging’s, restarts, and a night’s rest; I’d even made a trip to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy a new router, maybe that was the problem. Nope. Meanwhile, a few more stretches and I pick up my iPhone because my VOIPO (voice over internet phone service doesn’t work either because it can’t find the internet). I make the dreaded call to customer support.

I know they will tell me to unplug, and restart everything, which involves getting on the floor behind the TV with the flashlight and magnifying glass; then the biggest challenge at my age – getting up off the floor again.

Well, Canon customer service was wonderful. They are in America! We had no trouble understanding each other. Problem fixed!

Next I need to call Brighthouse to find out why my internet isn’t working and then I still have to call VOIPO where they will tell me to get back on the floor and unplug everything again. I just want to go back to bed, but then I think of everyone else who is facing their day, especially the workers who try to lead me to technology nirvana, and most especially all my aging soul sisters who think I’m their computer guru. They leave me no choice when they call me their shining example.

Boot up and write.

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8 thoughts on “Mumblings of an Aging Writer

  1. Sheila McNaughton

    You are a computer whiz! I know what you mean about the trials and struggles of dealing with technology. I asked someone for a business card at a party last night. He was about my age and was surprised. Does any one use them any more? Yes. I even have a big rolodex because sometimes it is just easier to spin the wheel and find an address than go to the computer, log on, open Google and search the Internet. Ten minutes easy. Yet my trusty rolodex takes only a few seconds to spin and locate. There is something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way sometimes.

  2. Nancy

    Boot Up ! That made me think of ‘pulling myself up by my bootstraps’, a term the Millennials never heard of, I’m sure. Wouldn’t those old bootstraps make it easier to get off the floor or to hook around the couch leg to pull oneself from behind the TV ? Yeah, It seems i need my big girl panties more often these days to fix the technology that was supposed to make our lives easier. Another lie I believed for awhile.
    No wonder old people are grouchy.

    • Big girl panties and bootstraps, just what we need, no wonder we are wise women, even if we are a little grouchy at times.

  3. Mirande Holl


  4. I love your posts, Jan. Keep writing!

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