The Story Corp Struggle

This turned out to be a tougher assignment than I planned, some people had a bit of a panic, a few got it done, and some including  me are still working on it.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough that it was a two-fold job, one to conduct the interview, and two to write a six-hundred-word piece about your experience. And nobody did the uploading to Story Corp yet.

The people interviewed and the stories were interesting. Molly asked her Aunt to tell her a story about her Mother because she hadn’t asked those questions before her Mother died. So she got to know her better through the eyes of her Aunt.

Ruth interviewed an old guy who is an excellent golfer, she asked his advice on golfing. The punch line was that he always sought to score his age. He finally made it. He is eighty!

Ralph interviewed his Granddaughter-in-Law. She told him stories of the many years of studying and degrees she had received, the main one being a Degree in Questions! Ralph, a Minister, had the pleasure of performing the marriage ceremony for her and his Grandson.

Kathy’s title was I Flunked! She interviewed her neighbor, she had her questions prepared, but he kept changing the subject. She was afraid of being too personal and he thought her questions were too general. We were all surprised at her ending.

Ani interviewed a woman wearing many hats among them developing a program called Keep St Pete Lit and raising a daughter, as a single mother. She loves her work for the non-profit but needs more money!

I’m off to Sarasota to interview my son, Kris, who is always too busy for the interview. He loves flying and he just built another airplane. More later.

I Invite you, readers of this blog to look at the last entry and see the instructions, then participate. I promise an exercise in thinking, interviewing and writing.



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