Independence Day

Fourth of July

I had an unusual kind of Independence Day it was a different kind of freedom.

The kids are grown, so are the grandkids, the family has scattered like many families so there was no picnic this year. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I celebrated in a new way.

I spent the weekend inside my air-conditioned apartment, avoiding the ninety-two-degree summer temperatures, and high humidity of Florida; my laptop and me, or sometimes my iPad, when I got tired of sitting at my desk. Content and excited, I felt like I had been at a three-day Writer’s Conference!

I’d listen, take notes, and learn, continuously amazed at the breadth and variety of teleseminars, teachers, and successful writers available to me in my living room. They were free, and this is particularly pertinent to those of us with tiny incomes and small budgets: Such as senior citizens, students paying college fees, and people who earn minimum wage.

Among those I learned from were:

  • Joseph Michael Scrivener Coach – Scrivener Basics, and How To Use Scrivener to Accelerate Your Writing
  • Brooke Warner and Joy Myers – Scene The Master Tool Of Writing Webinar much needed portions for me were transitions and narrative.
  • Mary Karr Interviews (two) – Point Loma Writers, and Mary Karr in Conversation with Brooke Warner

These are all now available on YouTube

I re-read Stephen King book On Writing, I liked it even better on the third read. Then I read a memoir just for fun, A Trip To The Beach – Living On Island Time in the Caribbean by Melinda and Robert Blanchard. I wanted to feel myself back in the Caribbean to re-excite myself about my nine years on Grand Cayman and the memoir I am writing about it, An Unfinished Woman.

I’m charged and ready to go!






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9 thoughts on “Independence Day


    Hi Jan,

    May I reprint this blog in the newsletter?


  2. Jimmy Pickett

    Dear Jan, Sounds like a perfect holiday weekend. Such luxury to have a block of time just to feed yours. Time with friends, kids, grandkids and other is grand and much fun but those alone times are also delicious. Thanks for recommendations. I am in process of attempting to sell condo and have put deposit on condo in Wheeling/Pittsburgh area. I will miss a number things about this area although I am excited to be boing back to enjoy some of people and cultural activities in that area. I will really, really, really miss you, Shelia and the story circle. I hope we can stay in touch. You are a gem. thanks. blessings Jim

    Jimmy Pickett

    858 Cambridge Court Dunedin, Florida 34698 304 639 2179 web/blog New email address Jimmy Pickett

    This information has been disclosed to you from records protected by Federal confidentiality rules (42CFR part 2). The Federal rules prohibit you from making any further disclosure of this information unless further disclosure is expressly permitted by the written consent of the person to whom it pertains or as otherwise permitted by 42 CFR part 2. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is NOT sufficient for this purpose. The Federal rules restrict any use of the information to criminally investigate or prosecute any alcohol or drug abuse patient.


    • Thanks, Jimmy. Oh! No! You are leaving us. I and the Story Circle will miss you,your interesting stories and your wit. I lived several years in the Pittsburg area. (Greensburg) I understand Pittsburgh has become more remarkable. I hope you will invite me for a visit sometime. Warm Regards, Jan

  3. Karen Lopez

    Great piece, Jan!!

    On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 9:04 AM, Jan Golden Story Circles wrote:

    > goldenjanet posted: “Fourth of July I had an unusual kind of Independence > Day it was a different kind of freedom. The kids are grown, so are the > grandkids, the family has scattered like many families so there was no > picnic this year. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I ce” >

  4. Mireille Lacomere Schild

    As usual, I am the unseen and unheard from, participant. I love your writings and this one touch a chord for different reasons. First, I do not feel satisfied when I celebrate like everyone else. We all have different likes and different lives after all and that means that our hearts and spirits aspire to different celebration. Second, I am not a big Stephen King fan but I love “On Writing” and have read it a couple of times. I also read 11-22-63.

    I am anxious to read your book someday.. I love the title as I hope to be an unfinished woman to my last day.

    I hope that we will meet as I feel that I already know your spirit.


  5. Thank you for your lovely comments, Mirelle, my most challenging Scrabble Buddy. I agree we must meet someday, we are spiritual buddies already. Is 11-22-63 a book title? I don’t read Steven King since Salem’s Lot, I think that was the late 60’s or early 70’s, it scared me so bad I slept with a crucifix
    under my pillow for a long time! I love your statement “I hope to be an unfinished woman to my last day.”

  6. Suzanne Murphy Supanek

    SO GREAT😘❤️‼️ Keep up the good work AND positive attitude. Miss talking with you! xoxoxo

    Sent from my iPhone


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