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Independence Day

Fourth of July

I had an unusual kind of Independence Day it was a different kind of freedom.

The kids are grown, so are the grandkids, the family has scattered like many families so there was no picnic this year. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I celebrated in a new way.

I spent the weekend inside my air-conditioned apartment, avoiding the ninety-two-degree summer temperatures, and high humidity of Florida; my laptop and me, or sometimes my iPad, when I got tired of sitting at my desk. Content and excited, I felt like I had been at a three-day Writer’s Conference!

I’d listen, take notes, and learn, continuously amazed at the breadth and variety of teleseminars, teachers, and successful writers available to me in my living room. They were free, and this is particularly pertinent to those of us with tiny incomes and small budgets: Such as senior citizens, students paying college fees, and people who earn minimum wage.

Among those I learned from were:

  • Joseph Michael Scrivener Coach – Scrivener Basics, and How To Use Scrivener to Accelerate Your Writing
  • Brooke Warner and Joy Myers – Scene The Master Tool Of Writing Webinar much needed portions for me were transitions and narrative.
  • Mary Karr Interviews (two) – Point Loma Writers, and Mary Karr in Conversation with Brooke Warner

These are all now available on YouTube

I re-read Stephen King book On Writing, I liked it even better on the third read. Then I read a memoir just for fun, A Trip To The Beach – Living On Island Time in the Caribbean by Melinda and Robert Blanchard. I wanted to feel myself back in the Caribbean to re-excite myself about my nine years on Grand Cayman and the memoir I am writing about it, An Unfinished Woman.

I’m charged and ready to go!






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“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. … A dream you dream together is reality.”

Creative ideas on the homework suggestions of using a Mind Map for your writing were presented at our Story Circle, on October 15; they ranged from using this technique for bringing back memories to planning a (virtual) trip, and to the actual layout of a story. We had fun and learned from each other as usual.

We were happy to welcome four new people: Sandi, Diana, Mark and Kim and look forward to their return.

Sheila did the training this month. She discussed Style Sheet and their value for consistency and accuracy in your writing, particularly in the longer pieces you write. She used the material presented in a workshop at the Florida Writers Conference we attended a few weeks ago. We thank Wendy Sharp for that dynamic and information-filled presentation.

Assignment for November is Dreams (a suggested topic), as always 600 words or less, here it is.

We all have some big dreams. Win the lottery, quit my job, marry my soul mate, travel the world, etc. Some of our dreams are smaller. Finish painting the kitchen, take a weekend just for me, have one story published, etc.

Describe one of your dreams starting with – I’d learn, I’d forget, I’d invent, I’d change, etc. Title your piece and give the word count and read it to our group of loving listeners.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. … A dream you dream together is reality.” … Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams…”                                        From the song Imagine by John Lennon

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New Beginnings

I’m back. I hope you have missed me. This transition from to has me scratching my head, wrinkling my brow and saying HUH?

Enough about that – I am struggling with technology, surrounded by my MacBook Pro, ipod, ipad,and iphone, I find myself clicking when I should be touching, talking when I should be typing, and wondering which remote to use for which gizmo. So I put all my devices aside for a few days and donned my priestess garb to attend a new beginnings/new moon gathering with my crone friends.

My soul sister, Pat Daly put together a beautiful ceremony for New Year’s Eve. We ate, sang, danced, lit a fire and did our usual ceremony. We reflected on these three topics and wrote them down: 1) What am I willing to bless and let go of? 2) What do I wish to enhance and magnify that I already have in my life? 3) What will I manifest for 2015? We gather in a sacred circle, form a bridge with our arms that we then cross, to symbolize action, share what we are willing to share with our sisters, then burn the papers in our sacred fire so the smoke flows up into the universe.

We end the ceremony by writing a letter to ourselves from the divine source: God or Goddess, the Universe, or our Higher Self. The letter is a blessing on what will be bestowed upon us. I found this part especially tender, having saved my letter from last year and read it often, bathing in its love.

I share here my letter for this year and I urge you to write one to yourself.

To My Darling Daughter Janet,

Grace is yours, no need to try to sparkle or shine—just BE.
You are the daughter I have yearned for, the daughter I have created.
Like any mother, I bless you and shower love upon you.
You will feel this every moment when the joy I send rains down on you.

When you pick up your pen or power up your computer—you are ever more aware of the link established to me—your inner divinity. Your job is just to show up at the page.

You’ll feel this grace surround you each morning as you awaken for another new day.

Love, The Goddess

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Caution – I’m remodeling – myself.

Wow. I love learning more about how we can use our brain to our advantage, or disadvantage. Your personal power is greater that you can imagine. Use it!

At first listen this sounds like a typical cheery self-help study. It is not! This is wonderful and pointed addition to my post yesterday.

Internal remodeling is the key. Self-talk and how you phrase it is paramount. Use your name when you talk to yourself for big changes. It’s a subtle linguistic shift.

If I make a mistake and say, “You idiot.” Which I have often done, this creates or adds to my internal picture of myself, a small change, using my name, Janet, when I talk to myself, instead of “you”, allows for interesting internal changes. Listen to this NPR report – you’ll be glad you have taken the time!

Please post some comments after you read yesterday’s post and listen to the NPR report. “Thanks, Janet, you are doing a better (good) job keeping up your blog”

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Safety Harbor Story Circle for October 16th

In case you missed it:

Homework for the October 16th session is: In 600 words or less write about food: a dinner party, eating in a restaurant, eating lunch at your desk at work, or cooking with someone or by yourself. Our lesson and discussion will be about cliches . For reference: – how to identify and avoid them in your writing.

Spread the word – everyone is invited no matter what your level of writing experience!

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