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Independence Day

Fourth of July

I had an unusual kind of Independence Day it was a different kind of freedom.

The kids are grown, so are the grandkids, the family has scattered like many families so there was no picnic this year. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I celebrated in a new way.

I spent the weekend inside my air-conditioned apartment, avoiding the ninety-two-degree summer temperatures, and high humidity of Florida; my laptop and me, or sometimes my iPad, when I got tired of sitting at my desk. Content and excited, I felt like I had been at a three-day Writer’s Conference!

I’d listen, take notes, and learn, continuously amazed at the breadth and variety of teleseminars, teachers, and successful writers available to me in my living room. They were free, and this is particularly pertinent to those of us with tiny incomes and small budgets: Such as senior citizens, students paying college fees, and people who earn minimum wage.

Among those I learned from were:

  • Joseph Michael Scrivener Coach – Scrivener Basics, and How To Use Scrivener to Accelerate Your Writing
  • Brooke Warner and Joy Myers – Scene The Master Tool Of Writing Webinar much needed portions for me were transitions and narrative.
  • Mary Karr Interviews (two) – Point Loma Writers, and Mary Karr in Conversation with Brooke Warner

These are all now available on YouTube

I re-read Stephen King book On Writing, I liked it even better on the third read. Then I read a memoir just for fun, A Trip To The Beach – Living On Island Time in the Caribbean by Melinda and Robert Blanchard. I wanted to feel myself back in the Caribbean to re-excite myself about my nine years on Grand Cayman and the memoir I am writing about it, An Unfinished Woman.

I’m charged and ready to go!






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Story Structure

Homework for Safety Harbor and Largo Story Circle: September 2013 “Life is Hard.”

Structure – we are working on story structure

Whether writing a 300, 600, word piece or a book, reduce your story to a one-idea sentence.

Your framework can be for chapters (if book or long story length) or for our purposes of a 600 word piece – just a few sentences for each.

  • Life
  • Is hard
  • Really hard
  • Unless
  • You get
  • A good cat
  • To live with

Now you have the one sentence is the spine on which you’ll build your story.

There are your seven chapters/sentences.To expand it:

Life – who are you

Is hard, really hard – first show us how hard, then show us really hard

Unless – this is where you get to show us alternatives (what you are open to)

You get – this is where you show us all the things you’ve tried in order to make your life better – lose weight, go on vacation, meet a new guy

A good cat – maybe you’ve had good cats or bad cats , show us

To live with – show us living with that one good cat. Maybe there’s a sad ending or a happy one. Or a sad one turned happy. Do you have the courage to try again?

 Now you have the framework for a short or long piece of memoir.

 This exercise is excerpted from – The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith








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